Minisode 80: Spotlight

10 Mar


Tyler and Josh discuss Tom McCarthy’s Spotlight, 2015’s Best Picture.

Episode 155: Risen

4 Mar


In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Kevin Reynolds’ Risen and Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus.

00:00:44- Intro, new articles, International Christian Film Festival
00:02:50- Risen
00:53:18- Spartacus
01:04:35- Episode wrap-up

Reed’s Top Ten of 2015

28 Feb


10. Room

It won’t surprise me if later years raise this on my list for me. There is an inherent metaphor present in the premise of a child who has only ever known a world between four walls that I find very compelling. I would spoil too much of what happens in the film to explain too deeply, but after the film was finished, I had so much rattling around in my head — about perspective, about being held captive from birth, and about the terror and hope of moving beyond what we know — that I was largely speechless.


Forgive Me, by Reed Lackey

27 Feb


I don’t know of a single person in my life that has not at one time or another been failed by the Church. Either through hypocrisy, condemnation, neglect, politicizing, or even outright abuse, I think everyone has or eventually will experience disappointment with the institution which claims to be the people of God on Earth. Some of these failings are matters of personal perspective, but some, like the ones I saw handled in the two films I’m about to discuss, are issues of deep violation and betrayal.


Escaping the Darkness, by Tyler Straessle

26 Feb


Many Christians will not see The Witch. Of the Christians who do see it, I expect that many will not enjoy it. It is an unsettling film. It is an intense film. It is hard to find any sort of redemptive message buried deep within its murky darkness, but I’ve managed to come away with a lesson in faith.


Minisode 79: Midnight Cowboy

25 Feb


Tyler and Josh discuss the Best Picture of 1969, Midnight Cowboy.

Episode 154: Inside Out

18 Feb


In this episode, Tyler and Reed discuss Pete Docter’s Inside Out and Alexander Payne’s About Schmidt.

00:00:44- Intro, Bone Tomahawk, Wade Williams
00:08:25- Inside Out
01:17:00- About Schmidt
01:48:40- Episode wrap-up

Help Wade Williams

15 Feb

wade williams

Actor/musician Wade Williams recently survived a brain aneurism. He is recovering, but needs help with his bills (medical and otherwise). I met Wade at the International Christian Film Festival last year and he was incredibly supportive of me and my opinions about film. Please help with whatever you can. Thanks!


Dry and Arid, by Reed Lackey

12 Feb


Death in the Desert is an odd little movie. It had all the potential of a genuine cult indie thriller in the overall tone, visual style and musical score. But it is hindered by a multitude of sizable problems.

Supposedly based on the true story of the murder of a tycoon in the outskirts of Las Vegas, the movie tries very hard to establish an ominous quality to its narrative and for the most part, the tone is where it should be. But early promise never quite becomes anything more than that.


Episode 153: Bridge of Spies

11 Feb


In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies and Jean Renoir’s Grand Illusion.

00:00:44- Intro, Oscars, Bone Tomahawk, International Christian Film Festival
00:07:20- Bridge of Spies
00:58:45- Grand Illusion
01:32:12- Episode wrap-up