The Fear of God: Dark City

7 Aug

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Alex Proyas’ Dark City, starring Rufus Sewell and Jennifer Connelly.

What is Not Promised, by Reed Lackey

7 Aug

Bursting with unbridled creative boldness and fearlessly focused on the haunting questions it raises, She Dies Tomorrow – the new film by writer/director Amy Seimetz – is a film that will likely polarize audiences, confusing and frustrating some while inspiring and captivating others. It is a unique vision of anxiety and courage, carried almost exclusively by subtext and mood. It is somehow simultaneously as intimate as a shared secret and as relatable as a timeless myth. And it is entirely possible that when you finish it, you won’t quite know how to feel: which is a testament to its power.


Episode 232: The Nature of Forgiveness

5 Aug

In this episode, Tyler is joined by Nathan Potter to discuss the Christian definition of forgiveness and the difficulty with which we attempt to carry it out.

The Fear of God: Identity

31 Jul

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss James Mangold’s Identity.

The Secret Meaning of Jurassic World

28 Jul

The Fear of God: Dead Again

27 Jul

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Kenneth Branagh’s Dead Again, starring Emma Thompson.

Episode 231: A Conversation with Nathan Clarkson

22 Jul

In this episode, Tyler talks with actor/writer/director Nathan Clarkson about his life and career.

Warmed Over, by Barnabas Prontnicki

21 Jul

Over the weekend I made chicken sandwiches from a recipe entitled “Copycat Chic-Fil-A Sandwiches.” I also watched a movie where a discontented, immature male relived the same day over and over again and was only shaken from his mundane life by trying to win over a lady love interest. You may have heard of it, it’s called Groundhog, er, Palms Springs.

When I first saw a trailer for Palm Springs, I was excited. It looked funny, and while some are put off by Andy Samberg (who plays the lead, Nyles), I rather enjoy him. But my main question was, “Is this going to be any different from Groundhog Day?”

The answer: Not really.


Strange Tides, by Reed Lackey

20 Jul

Strong horror stories thrive on the mysterious and the unknown. They are anchored in a sense of atmosphere and emotional evocation that, when most effective, connect with us on a visceral level. That effectiveness can often be undermined, however, by a listless sense of scope or underdeveloped elements. The Beach House, the debut feature film by Jeffrey A. Brown, walks a thin line between what works and what frustrates to create a film with several memorable sequences, even if the whole of the experience remains somewhat lacking.


The Fear of God: Shutter Island

19 Jul

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island starring Leonardo DiCaprio.