Minisode 105: Fighting Hopelessness

17 Aug

In this minisode, Tyler talks about Charlottesville, racism, Donald Trump, and hopelessness.

Something Great in the Neighborhood, by Bob Connally

15 Aug

When your job as a writer is to look at film objectively, it’s important to not get hung up on nostalgia. Thankfully, I do pretty well with that. I might have thought a movie was wonderful as a 9-year old but if it doesn’t work for me now I can’t trick myself into still loving it and I know that I shouldn’t try. If I’m watching a film I loved as a kid now for the 37th time it’s because it still works for me and it works for me in an entirely different way than when I first saw it. I feel that it’s important to be clear about this so you understand where I’m coming from when I say that 1984’s Ghostbusters – a movie I loved almost as much as life itself after I got it on VHS for my 6th birthday in 1988 – is my favorite movie of all-time. I hope that you’re ready to believe me.


The Fear of God: The Creature from the Black Lagoon

15 Aug

In this episode, Nathan and Reed discuss Jack Arnold’s The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Flavorless, by Jim Rohner

14 Aug

I moved to the city from the suburbs over three years ago and in that time I’ve not only become accustomed to the cacophony of voices and viewpoints that imminently result from so many cultures, religions, and philosophies living likely in too condensed of a geography, but I’ve also become fond of it; so fond of it, in fact, that at this point in my life the prospect of returning to the homogeneity of the admittedly quieter and more spacious suburbs fills me with a sense of existential dread and horror.


The Best of Pictures: From Here to Eternity

10 Aug

In this minisode, Tyler and Josh discuss Fred Zinnemann’s From Here to Eternity, Best Picture of 1953.

The Fear of God: Night of the Living Dead

8 Aug

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss the George Romero classic Night of the Living Dead.

Episode 200: Obligation

3 Aug

In this episode, Tyler and Reed discuss obligatory viewing.

The Fear of God: Green Room

3 Aug

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room.

Secret Agent Woman, by Bob Connally

1 Aug

At the start of David Leitch’s new Cold War action-packed spy thriller we are told that in November of 1989 the Berlin Wall came down but that, “This is not that story.” Instead, Atomic Blonde deals with MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) and her efforts that same month to recover a microfilm which contains the identities of every active field agent in the Eastern Bloc. Lorraine is a stone cold killer paired with another MI6 agent in Berlin, David Percival (James McAvoy) to find the list and to kill a double agent known only as Satchel.


Salty Cinema: Thomas Purifoy Jr.

28 Jul

Is Genesis History? director Thomas Purifoy Jr. talks about making his polarizing documentary, how he found success releasing the film as a one-night only Fathom event in theaters across the country, the false dichotomy between science and faith, and what the Bible teaches us about good storytelling.