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Salty Cinema: Gabe Renfro

21 Jun

Jacob is joined by Gabe Renfro to discuss life-changing movies.

Salty Cinema: Chris Warren

14 Jun

In this episode, Jacob talks with cinematographer Chris Warren.

Salty Cinema: Dan Parris

2 Apr

In this episode, Jacob is joined by director Dan Parris to discuss his film Show Me Democracy.

Salty Cinema: Bobo Chang

5 Mar

In this episode, Jacob is joined by actor Bobo Chang to discuss his faith and career.

Salty Cinema: Mitch Gonzalez

1 Mar

Jacob is joined by visual effects artist Mitch Gonzalez.

Salty Cinema: Oscar Picks

16 Feb

Jacob is joined by Alex Carpenter to predict the outcome of this year’s Academy Awards!

Salty Cinema: Brett McCracken

4 Feb

Jacob is joined by film critic Brett McCracken to discuss the best films of 2018.

Salty Cinema: Mark Joseph

18 Dec

Jacob talks with “Reagan” producer Mark Joseph.

Salty Cinema: Craig Detweiler

26 Nov

Jacob interviews Variety’s “Mentor of the Year”, Craig Detweiler.

Episode 111: Sing Over Me

19 Sep


In this episode, Tyler and Josh are joined by Jacob Kindberg to discuss his documentary Sing Over Me.