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Tom Brady – Philosophy of the G.O.A.T., by Jason Eaken

6 Sep

Episode 201: Game of Thrones

24 Aug

In this episode, Tyler is joined by Jason Eaken to discuss whether or not it’s okay for a Christian to watch Game of Thrones.

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Scare Zones, by Jason Eaken

30 Oct

The epic 25th year of the nation’s best Halloween event, Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights, marks the biggest, longest and most intense event in history with nine haunted mazes, five unique scare zones and two thrilling shows. On select nights Sept. 18 through Nov. 1, guests can visit Universal Orlando’s theme parks by day and by night, become victims of their own horror film at Halloween Horror Nights 25.

Put yourself in a dark hallway. You can’t see much, you’re feeling your way through. You come around a corner and in this part of the hall, there are doors on both sides. You’re nervous something might come out of one of the doors, and for good reason, because suddenly Freddy Krueger jumps out from one door. His knife-hand swipes across the hall, barely missing you!

A hockey mask and machete lunge out from the other side. They belong to none other than Jason Voorhees, who towers over you. Things have gone from bad to worse, because these two maniacs are blocking the hallway, and in order to get past them, you have to turn sideways and slide between them, ducking under Freddy and Jason’s weapons, as they try to slice you to pieces.

That’s just one moment from the final act of the Freddy vs. Jason scare maze at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. If the above made you want to sleep with the lights on, you’ll be in for a long night.


The Fear of God: Halloween Horror Nights

28 Oct


In this bonus episode, Reed is joined by Jason Eaken to talk about Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights.

Episode 81: Zero Dark Thirty

26 Mar


In this episode, Tyler and Josh are joined by Jason Eaken to discuss Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty and Sean Penn’s The Pledge.

00:00:45- Intro, minisodes
00:01:30- Wondercon
00:02:15- The SHIELD Act
00:04:40- Tyler’s hiatus
00:06:00- Jason Eaken
00:10:00- Zero Dark Thirty
01:13:45- The Pledge
01:42:35- Sermon Recommendation- “Hell”
02:23:45- Episode wrap-up

Worth Noting

30 Jul

Episode 42: The Prestige

14 Jul

In this episode, Tyler is joined by Jason Eaken to discuss Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige.

On Set, by Jason Eaken

21 May

The simplest thing to say is there’s nothing like being on a movie set. There’s nothing simple about being on-set itself either. It’s chaos: all busy and technical and clustered and there’s a lot of waiting involved sometimes. But it’s the most exciting kind of chaos: creative. Nine people gathered in a Sherman Oaks townhouse: the DP and a grip talking about camera equipment and setting lights; the other grip setting up our food in the kitchen, just off camera. To the other side of the camera, down in the living room, a large pile of empty bookshelves that had cluttered the dining room with something akin to 500 DVDs and books, which now occupy a hoard of boxes upstairs in the bedroom of the producer. The 3 actors are bopping between upstairs getting into costume and make-up and downstairs eating Red Vines, Almond M&M’s and some new type of Pop-Tart that is kindof like S’mores, but different, too. I’m in the kitchen, too, playing with the concoction of foods and arranging them onto the plates for the actors. It’s about consistency, it needs to look gross and to achieve the effect we had to venture outside what is commonly referred to as “people food.” But I only do one of them, then stash it in the fridge and run over to check on lights, “We’ll be ready in fifteen,” he says, good to know, because upstairs, one of the actors is having hair problems. He can’t get it into a workable ponytail, so we’re scrounging for hair product and clips to hold it in place. I go ahead and explain the shot list to them to try to give a sense of the flow of the night, even though we went over it at our final rehearsal, but with so much going on it gives both them and me a bit of a foothold on everything to list out our agenda. Then back downstairs to make more nasty-fied food, and we haven’t set the table yet. “Which side of the plate does the fork go on, anybody know?” Left is our consensus, but then it’s switched and then a short discussion about napkin placement ensues, because film is in the detail and because this is a thing I don’t know and feel that I should at this point.


MTOL Guest: Jason Eaken

19 May

JASON EAKEN is a writer and director. He graduated with a BFA in Acting from the University of Central Missouri, where he learned that, if you’re not acting hard, you’re hardly acting. he’s performed in nearly 30 plays and musicals, co-hosted the podcast Experts and Intermediates. Next up, Jason is working on a helpful literature series about his craft, which includes the following titles: “There’s Only One ‘I’ in ‘Acting,’ and it’s Me,” “Stand Back… ACTING!” and “Hand Me My Props, I’m About to Go Off!”

Episode 27- A Serious Man

19 May

In this episode, Tyler is joined by filmmaker Jason Eaken to discuss what we can learn from the Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man.