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International Christian Film Festival 2017!

25 Mar

Episode 186: Rogue One

24 Mar

In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One and Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan.

00:00:50 – Intro, The Devils, Salty Cinema, The Fear of God, Beauty and the Beast
00:02:45 – Kickstarter campaign
00:05:30 – Rogue One
00:56:15 – Saving Private Ryan
01:12:20 – Episode wrap-up

Episode 185: Arrival

16 Mar

In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival¬†and Richard Kelly’s Donnie Darko.

The MTOL Kickstarter!

13 Mar

Tyler has just launched a new Kickstarter campaign in order to help finance the publishing of his first book, Worth Watching, which would feature several of his notable reviews and essays! Every little bit helps, so please check out the Kickstarter and pledge what you can!

Minisode 100: Moonlight

9 Mar

Tyler and Josh discuss Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight, the Best Picture of 2016.

Episode 184: A Face in the Crowd

2 Mar

In this episode, Tyler is joined by Jeff Newburg to discuss Elia Kazan’s A Face in the Crowd, and a lot of politics.

Minisode 99: Depression and Delight

24 Feb

In this minisode, Tyler discusses depression.

Minisode 98: On The Waterfront

9 Feb

Tyler and Josh discuss Elia Kazan’s On The Waterfront, the Best Picture of 1954.

Minisode 97: Marty

2 Feb

In this minisode, Tyler and Josh discuss Delbert Mann’s Marty, Best Picture of 1955.

Episode 183: A Monster Calls

26 Jan

In this episode, Tyler and Reed discuss J.A. Bayona’s A Monster Calls and Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth.