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Salty Cinema: Erik Lokkesmoe

27 Aug

In this episode, Last Days in the Desert executive producer Erik Lokkesmoe talks about the death of mid-budget movies, the importance of brand building, how he transitioned from politics to marketing, and why timeless art should come from the Church.

Salty Cinema: Thomas Purifoy Jr.

28 Jul

Is Genesis History? director Thomas Purifoy Jr. talks about making his polarizing documentary, how he found success releasing the film as a one-night only Fathom event in theaters across the country, the false dichotomy between science and faith, and what the Bible teaches us about good storytelling.

Salty Cinema: Tim K

26 Jun

Director, Tim K, talks about climbing the ladder from lowly production assistant to big-budget commercial director, what it was like working at Funny Or Die during it’s infancy, the panic attack he had directing his first super bowl spot, and being inspired by Jonathan Glazer.

Salty Cinema: Alissa Wilkinson

21 May film critic Alissa Wilkinson talks about her favorite film of the year so far, Get Out, how she stumbled into writing about movies for a living, why she thinks the best films about faith are usually made by filmmakers who have none, and the future of film criticism.

MTOL Updates!

27 Apr

There’s no episode this week, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty going on at More Than One Lesson, including:

Tyler’s talk at the International Christian Film Festival
Tyler’s book, Worth Watching
Rushmore review
The Vampire Bat review
Colossal review
The Lost City of Z review
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan review
Free Fire review
The Fountain review
The Fear of God: Signs
Salty Cinema: Steve Taylor
Thimblerig’s Ark: Wildflower

Salty Cinema: Steve Taylor

23 Apr

Filmmaker, musician, and record producer Steve Taylor talks about the Nashville film scene, producing one of the biggest songs of the 90’s, the trials and tribulations of directing Blue Like Jazz, and the viability of Christian satire.

Salty Cinema: Todd Komarnicki

17 Mar

Sully screenwriter Todd Komarnicki talks about working with Clint Eastwood, his daily writing habits, producing the Christmas classic Elf, and what kind of movies Jesus would like.

Salty Cinema: David Jacobson

18 Feb

Producer David Jacobson talks about helping Kanye West pull of his historic Yeezy Season 3 Madison Square Garden show, what he learned working for his mentor, Laura Ziskin, getting Lee Daniels’ The ButlerĀ made, and starting his new production company, Required Reading.

Salty Cinema: Scott Teems

20 Jan

In this episode, Jacob talks with Rectify writer/director Scott Teems.

Salty Cinema: Mark Joseph

15 Dec

Producer, author, and film marketing specialist Mark Joseph talks about what he learned working with Mel Gibson on The Passion of the Christ, marketing films to Christian audiences, his Reagan biopic, and why “faith-based” shouldn’t be a genre.