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Meet Your Bloggers: Reed Lackey

18 Nov

Reed Lackey received a Theater Arts degree from Gardner-Webb University in 2002, and has written for both stage and screen since he was twelve years old. His story, The Victim, was recently released on DVD and Blu-Ray starring Michael Biehn. He also wrote the first mini-series for the comic book serial, The Mis-Adventures of Adam West. In addition to these published works, he has written multiple short films, stage plays, sermons, short stories, and essays on theology and devotion. He currently lives in southern California with his wife and son.

Follow Reed on Twitter- @ReedLackey

Meet Your Bloggers: Tyler Gunstream

6 Feb

Tyler Gunstream was born and raised in Colorado. At an early age His creative buzz was sparked and story telling became a big part of his life. His daily walk with Christ is what keeps that spark alive.  He graduated from Northwest Nazarene University in 2004 with a degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Film.  After a number of small film and video projects and a web series, Tyler found a calling to write.  He currently lives in Nampa, Idaho with his wife and two huskies.

You can follow Tyler on Twitter @tygunstream

Meet Your Bloggers: Travis Fishburn

18 May

Travis Fishburn was born and raised in the Marengo, Ohio. As a boy in a home with no cable and a family collection of over 1,000 VHS tapes, he started to become enamored with movies. The films that captured his imagination the most growing up were the adventure films of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. He graduated with a degree in Film Production from Bowling Green State University in 2008, where he acquired a fascination with the films of Fritz Lang, Akira Kurosawa, and John Ford. His faith as a Christian has become an important part of his love for film and storytelling. He enjoys reading, watching movies, working out, and making people laugh.

Meet Your Bloggers: Jim Rohner

18 May

Jim was born and raised a “Christian” in suburban New Jersey but didn’t lose the air quotes until he spent 4 years at Messiah College and was truly able to explore his faith.  It was there that his illusions of being the next Stephen King were shattered, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes, he then discovered a new passion: film.  Ever since then, Jim has fallen in love with Groundhog Day, the horror genre and the films of Martin Scorsese and is happy to know that there are some Christians out there who have actually watched The Last Temptation of Christ.

Meet Your Bloggers: Josh Long

5 Nov

Josh Long is an actor and filmmaker from central North Carolina, currently living in Los Angeles. He studied theatre at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, and attended the Los Angeles Film Studies Center in 2004. A true culture junkie, he invests most of his time in movies, music and literature. In the few spare moments, he enjoys Ultimate Frisbee and good Italian food. He also does not like to speak of myself in the third person, so there’s that.

Meet Your Bloggers: Megan Clinard

12 Oct

Megan Clinard graduated with a Fiction Writing degree from Columbia College Chicago focusing her last semester on Screenwriting and Film. She worked for several years at Klasky Csupo Inc. Productions and as a writer for Performer Magazine reviewing West Coast and local Los Angeles bands. Her film and tv tastes lean towards the dorky and obscure with art house pretension never far behind. Though being a girl she is forced to embrace most romantic comedies and a good musical montage. Megan currently gave up the Hollywood dream to pursue a life of healthcare and missions, though her love for the arts still runs deep.

Meet Your Bloggers: Curtis Montgomery

12 Oct

Curtis Montgomery started college at Missouri Southern State College in Joplin Missouri. While he was attending there he worked in the theatre department helping to build sets and run sound for plays and musicals. Later he transfer to the University of Missouri in Columbia Missouri to finish this degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He was a member of the Mizzou Racing team and was the soundboard operator for a campus christain ministry. Curtis graduated from The University of Missouri-Columbia in May of 2005 with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and moved to Los Angeles the following September. Curtis is currently working as an engineer for an electronics company and volunteers with a Christian ministry on the campus of UCLA.

Meet Your Bloggers: Jake VanKersen

12 Oct

Jake VanKersen was born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan. It was there that he first fell in love with the cinema. He grew up watching Indiana Jones films, the original Star Wars Trilogy, Superman, Goonies, E.T., Ghostbusters, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Cinema taught him, among other things, that everything needs to have weight and significance to it. It was easy to reconcile his faith to my passion for film and story telling. He found that God is the original and best storyteller (among other things), which is evident in the Bible. If we try to use the Bible as a textbook it feels cold and impersonal. If we read it like a story, it can speak to us with rich lessons about the redemption work that God has done since day one. It is a deeply epic, personal, engaging, and Holy story about God. Along with writing articles for More Than One Lesson, Jake also writes for his own blog, My Internet Soap Box.

Meet Your Bloggers: Robert Hornak

12 Oct

Robert Hornak wanted Ray Harryhausen to come to his ninth birthday party. When he didn’t show, he cried. Later, he found out there were more than monster movies in the world. He picked up some real love for Woody Allen, the Coen Brothers, Preston Sturges, and Howard Hawks. He has a deep love for Truffaut, Buñuel, Bergman, and Kurosawa, which helps balance his devotion to the Marx Brothers. His goal in life is to write a single Chayefsky-worthy scene. He will watch an old movie before a new movie every time, and a satire before a drama. Robert also likes tennis, Chipotle, and Merle Haggard. At the same time, when possible.

Meet Your Bloggers: Jason Eaken

12 Oct

Jason Eaken is a writer and director. He graduated with a BFA in Acting from the University of Central Missouri, where he learned that, if you’re not acting hard, you’re hardly acting. he’s performed in nearly 30 plays and musicals, co-hosted the podcast Experts and Intermediates, and currently writes at Eakenation. Next up, Jason is working on a helpful literature series about his craft, which includes the following titles: “There’s Only One ‘I’ in ‘Acting,’ and it’s Me,” “Stand Back… ACTING!” and “Hand Me My Props, I’m About to Go Off!” He lives alone.