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The Bob Awards 2021

29 Apr

Supporting Actor

Walton Goggins – Fatman

Supporting Actress

Marianne Jean-Baptiste – Fatman


The 2021 Bob Award Nominations!

18 Apr

2020 was not only an incredibly difficult year, it was a decidedly strange one. That strangeness was evident in the way movies were released (or in many cases not released). As a result, certain movies that would have had theatrical releases went straight to streaming services you were already paying for while others cost $30 to rent which is great for a family of 4 but made them inaccessible to people who live alone. This year’s Bob Award nominations felt different to put together than ever before and they look a little different as well. Another different aspect of this year’s nominations is that I have left out technical categories. It’s difficult to truly appreciate sound, visual effects, or cinematography without having the opportunity to see movies in a theater. With theaters re-opening my hope of course is that next year, the Bob Awards can return to normal, but for now the focus will be on acting, writing, directing, and of course, Best Picture. The winners will be announced in the next couple of weeks and as before, “The Fun Stuff” will highlight achievements that don’t fit into standard categories. With that, here are the Bob Award nominations for 2020.


The Bob Awards!

6 Feb

1917 – Roger Deakins

Costume Design
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Arianne Phillips


The 2020 Bob Award Nominations!

19 Jan


It’s that time again. For the fourth year in a row here at More Than One Lesson I’m holding my own movie awards ceremony which involves neither a ceremony nor trophies. But the good news is no celebrities in designer clothing will be made uncomfortable by Ricky Gervais saying something that’s true, so you can stop making that face, Tom Hanks. As always, whether you agree with these or not I hope you enjoy the list and instead of complaining about what you disagree with please just start your own movie awards instead like I did. Unless your name is Bob, too. Then you’re just going to have to live with these.


The Bob Award Winners!

20 Feb

It’s here again! The most prestigious movie award ceremony on the planet that does not in fact have a ceremony. I don’t have commercial breaks but if I did I wouldn’t make the cinematographers and film editors receive their trophies- which I also don’t have- during them. So instead of watching an Oscars sure to be even more boring than the Super Bowl, save yourself four hours and read these.


The Bob Award Nominations 2019

30 Jan

As a film fanatic in my teens I began taking part in the time honored tradition that so many of us do. Waking up at 5:30 AM to watch the Oscar nominations and immediately begin complaining about them. After a few years of this I decided that if I wasn’t happy with the Academy’s choices then I should create my own awards. So I started the imaginatively named… Bob Awards. (It only occurs to me now that had I been named Oscar I’d have had a problem. Bullet dodged. Thanks, Mom and Dad.)

For the third year in a row I will be sharing the Bob Award nominations as a writer for More Than One Lesson. I really hope you enjoy them. If you don’t like these nominees then by all means create your own movie awards. Go on. Do it! I dare you!… No, really, you’ll feel better. It works for me. (If your name is Bob or Oscar though then I’m so sorry, but you’ll just have to accept these.) Of course I still complain about the Oscar nominations. But slightly less. And I guess that’s something.

I will be back before the Oscars to reveal the winners in not only these categories but several other fun ones.