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Episode 121: Exodus: Gods and Kings

19 Dec


In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings and David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia.

Episode 120: Saving Christmas

12 Dec


In this episode, Tyler and Josh are joined by Nathan Potter to discuss Darren Doane’s Saving Christmas and Bill Melendez’ A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Episode 119: Interstellar

27 Nov

Interstellar 2014 Movie Captures00033

In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar and Franklin J. Schaffner’s Planet of the Apes.

Episode 118: Guardians of the Galaxy

6 Nov


In this special live episode, Tyler and Josh discuss James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Orson Welles’ Touch of Evil.

Episode 117: The Conjuring

31 Oct


In this episode, Tyler is joined by Reed Lackey to discuss James Wan’s The Conjuring and Tobe Hooper’s Poltergeist.

Episode 116: Only Lovers Left Alive

26 Oct


In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive and Robert Wise’s The Day the Earth Stood Still.

00:00:44- Intro, The Guest, To Be a Man
00:07:46- Jim Jarmusch, Only Lovers Left Alive
00:59:10- The Day the Earth Stood Still
01:11:50- Episode wrap-up

Episode 115: The Guest

23 Oct

The Guest Movie

In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Adam Wingard’s The Guest and Fraser Clarke Heston’s Needful Things.

00:00:44- Intro, To Be A Man, I Do Movies Badly
00:03:55- The Guest
00:45:30- Needful Things
01:20:00- Episode wrap-up

Episode 114: Coraline

9 Oct


In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Henry Selick’s Coraline and the Wachowskis’ The Matrix.

00:00:44- Intro, I Do Movies Badly
00:06:43- Reed’s latest articles
00:08:35- Chicago meet-up (October 18, 8:30 pm, D’Agostino’s [Southport/Addison])
00:14:15- Coraline
00:48:07- The Matrix
1:15:37- Episode wrap-up

Episode 113: Nosferatu

2 Oct


In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu, as well as Werner Herzog’s 1979 remake, and E. Elias Merhige’s comedy Shadow of the Vampire.

00:00:44- Intro, Halloweentimes
00:04:35- Believe Me, BP’s Great Characters
00:06:00- Welcome to new listeners, introduction to topic
00:11:13- Nosferatu: Symphony of Terror
00:23:15- Nosferatu the Vampyre
00:31:31- Shadow of the Vampire
00:49:55- Themes of vampire movies
01:07:01- Episode wrap-up

Episode 112: Believe Me

25 Sep


In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Will Bakke’s Believe Me and Richard Brooks’ Elmer Gantry.

00:00:44- Intro, Alpha Omega Con
00:03:00- Believe Me
00:50:00- Believe Me on iTunes
00:50:00- Pre-order Believe Me
00:50:40- Elmer Gantry
01:08:30- Episode wrap-up