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Episode 128: Gone Girl

16 Apr


In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss David Fincher’s Gone Girl and Mike Nichols’ Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

00:00:48- Intro, Podcast Awards, Bonus Episode, International Christian Film Fest
00:04:40- Plans for May, changes to the podcast
00:11:15- Gone Girl
01:20:25- Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
01:55:00- Episode wrap-up

Minisode 61: Out of Africa

9 Apr


In this minisode, Tyler and Josh discuss Sydney Pollack’s Out of Africa, Best Picture of 1985.

Episode 127: Going Clear

2 Apr


In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Alex Gibney’s Going Clear and Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Man.

00:00:44- Intro, Battleship Pretension, Wondercon Meetup, ASMR
00:05:10- Going Clear
01:01:30- The Wicker Man (1973)
01:09:25- What’s the difference between Scientology and Christianity?
01:36:20- Episode wrap-up

An “A” for Effort, by Josh Long

1 Apr

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 4.25.58 AM

Traditionally, the American Christian right is closely associated with conservatism and traditional “American” values. So it’s no surprise that Burns Family Studios, a Christian film company started by two home-schooling families, chooses to set their new film around the American Revolution. The company has one film under their belt so far, the medieval epic Pendragon: Sword of His Father, which was well received at several Christian and Family Film festivals. While Pendragon was a passion project shot in back yards and starring the Burns family themselves, Beyond the Mask is a more ambitious, higher budget project, aiming to stand alongside similar Hollywood projects.


Episode 126: Do You Believe?

28 Mar


In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Jonathan M. Gunn’s Do You Believe? and Robert Altman’s Short Cuts.

00:00:44- Intro, Premium Episode, dream interpretation
00:07:40- Do You Believe?
01:29:00- Short Cuts

Josh on Reel World Theology

23 Mar

1251623 - Chappie

Josh was recently a guest on Reel World Theology, discussing Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie.


Minisode 60: Platoon

19 Mar


In this minisode, Tyler and Josh discuss Oliver Stone’s Platoon, winner of Best Picture of 1986.

Minisode 59: The Last Emperor

13 Mar


In this minisode, Tyler and Josh discuss Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Last Emperor.

Episode 125: Foxcatcher

6 Mar


In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher and Oliver Stone’s Wall Street.

00:00:44- Intro, Podcast Awards, Premium Episode
00:04:40- Foxcatcher
00:58:33- Wall Street
01:25:28- Episode wrap-up

Premium Episode: Dogma

5 Mar


In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Kevin Smith’s Dogma.

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