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Thimblerig’s Ark: Hitting the Breaks

12 Sep

In this episode, Nate discusses the new Pure Flix sitcom Hitting the Breaks. 

Episode 201: Game of Thrones

24 Aug

In this episode, Tyler is joined by Jason Eaken to discuss whether or not it’s okay for a Christian to watch Game of Thrones.

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Episode 197: Cheers

13 Jul

In this episode, Reed discusses the classic sitcom Cheers.

Questions and Answers, by Reed Lackey

20 Mar


What do you get when you cross a plane crash, polar bears, a monster made of black smoke, a moving island, an ancient statue, time-travel, an age-old battle of good versus evil and about 50 castaways with pasts as diverse as their ethnicities? You get a whole mess of questions, that’s what. You also get some of the most compelling, emotional and inspiring television in history.

It’s been 10 years since Lost first premiered on ABC, and binge watching was officially created. Fans were obsessed with the literary references, scientific theories, and endless clues to the shows seemingly countless mysteries. Fans were so obsessed that it isn’t uncommon to hear of red-eyed, bobble-headed insomniacs pressing on until 3 AM despite extreme weariness in order to fit in just one more episode.


Tyler on the Televerse

14 Nov


Tyler was recently on the Televerse podcast to discuss the 1990s animated series The Tick.


Crystal Blue Redemption, by Travis Fishburn

28 Sep


On Sunday, Breaking Bad comes to an end. The popular theory is that the series finale of the show will also mark the end of Walter White. With the flash forward teases that we’ve seen, it looks like Walt is going to be making a grand last stand in the tradition of Scarface and The Wild Bunch. I have no doubt that we will walk away from the show with a sense of closure, but I think that most people are more interested in emotional satisfaction. If Breaking Bad‘s history is any indicator, I think we’re in for a very visceral and polarizing climax. I think that each individual’s feelings about the conclusion will be heavily informed by their personal opinion of Walter White.


Casting the First Stone, by Travis Fishburn

31 Aug


It’s rough to watch this season of Breaking Bad, at least that’s what I hear a lot of people saying. It’s either “too heartbreaking” or “unrelentingly tense”. However, I can’t name a single person who would deny that the show is entirely captivating. This isn’t something that our fascination should be drawn to, yet we can’t turn our eyes away from each enthralling episode. Reed’s comparison of the show to Greek Tragedy couldn’t be more correct. Things continue to spiral out of control for each of the characters, and as an avid viewer I couldn’t be more interested.


Thy Will Be Done, by Reed Lackey

27 Aug


Do you remember that scene where Jesse, at one of his most bitter and harsh moments, is playing a first-person shooter video game? The screen holds on an image with two words: “Quit” and “Restart”. For a lengthy moment, Jesse’s cursor hovers over the word “Quit” before ultimately flicking over and selecting to “Restart”.


Josh on the Televerse

21 Aug

a get smart GET_SMART_SEASON1_DISC1-6

Josh was recently a guest on the Televerse podcast, discussing the classic comedy television show Get Smart.


Survival, by Tyler Smith

4 May

“Survivor” has long since established itself as a prime time staple.  In many ways, it has paved the way for reality competition programs.  Challenges, alliances, confrontations; it all started with “Survivor.”  I myself was never a big fan of the show; like so many others, I wrote it off as “just another reality show.”