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The Danger of Trust, by Reed Lackey

18 Feb

I must confess that the style of the genre known as “mumblecore” is still something to which I’m adjusting. The sparse settings, the mostly improvised dialogue, and the naturalistic performances seem to be striving towards a deliberate reality, and as a result have their virtues and their detriments.


Blistering, by Reed Lackey

15 Feb

In turbulent and uncertain times, heightened anxieties and tensions are often described by four metaphorical words: “Things are heating up.” Blind Sun, a recent French film from director Joyce Nashawati takes those words to heart and crafts a story around them that is challenging, reflective, and, at times, quite troubling.


The Fear of God: The Exorcist

14 Feb

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss William Friedkin’s The Exorcist.

Vault of Horrors and Screams, by Reed Lackey

12 Feb

The anthology format has long been a specialty not quite unique to the horror genre, but certainly utilized by it more than any other genre. What usually sets apart the best entries are a unique wraparound narrative and inventive individual sub-stories. V/H/S manages to accomplish both, although it still remains something of a mixed bag.


Corpse Rave, by Reed Lackey

8 Feb

There are precious few subgenres of film I enjoy more than a good horror-comedy. The best of the bunch succeed on both levels and manage to frighten as much as they induce laughter. Paying homage to that subgenre, and attempting to find its way on the same shelf with the greats, is the new film from director Torey Haas called The Neon Dead. Unfortunately, the film becomes a bit too bogged down by its own ambition, but that doesn’t mean it’s not quite a bit of fun.


The Fear of God: Quarterly King – Carrie

7 Feb

In this episode, Reed and Nathan tackle Stephen King’s Carrie.

The Fear of God: Bone Tomahawk

31 Jan

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss S. Craig Zahler’s Bone Tomahawk.

Episode 183: A Monster Calls

26 Jan

In this episode, Tyler and Reed discuss J.A. Bayona’s A Monster Calls and Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth.

The Fear of God: The End of The Witch

26 Jan

In this bonus episode, Reed and Nathan break down the ending of Robert Eggers’ The Witch.

Shock Without Awe, by Reed Lackey

24 Jan

Rob Zombie frustrates me. On one hand, he’s clearly a distinct and visionary director, with a strong command of imagery and a rich understanding of the foundational horror films of the 20s and 30s. With each new film announcement from him, I’m immediately curious. I reacted the same way when his recent death-match slasher 31 was announced. However, with every film of his besides The Devil’s Rejects, I’ve walked away disappointed.