For The Title

In this mockumentary directed by MTOL co-host Josh Long, we are introduced to the members of two small Ultimate Frisbee teams, both with bids for the championship of their small-time local league. The first team, the Wolverines, is captained by Ron Walters. An easy-going guy, Ron has formed his team from mostly friends, and guides them with what may seem like a supernatural patience. Lawrence Jacobs lives with his parents and likes to surf the web, but he doesn’t let that keep him off the field. Chet Williams is the team’s most die-hard player, although his level of talent might not show it. Clay Stone hadn’t heard from Ron since they were in a college band together. Courtney VanderMuller is the Wolverines’ only female, and she is also the only member who joined the team by mistake. The Venus Flytraps are led by Kelsey McDougall, who pushes her team forwards with an iron fist. Wayne Billings is a math-teacher and he shows a devotion to Kelsey that borders on unsavory. Floyd Travis, a good ‘ol boy from Louisiana, has a fervor for the game, even if he doesn’t quite know all the rules. Sandy Forrester is constantly concerned with the cleanliness of the team-sometimes to the point of obsession. Gil Sanders might be the best player of the team-if he could keep himself from getting injured. After grueling practices and rough tournament play, the two teams meet for the final tournament. You’ll never guess who’ll win in this climactic clash of the titans.

For The Title is now available for only $10!

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