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Episode 122: with special guest Corbin Bernsen

14 Jan


In this episode, Tyler and Josh are joined by actor/director Corbin Bernsen to discuss his faith, career, and the state of Christian film.

Minisode 53: Home Redux

24 Dec

ventura church

In this minisode, Tyler tells a story about visiting his old church in Ventura.

Episode 121: Exodus: Gods and Kings

19 Dec


In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings and David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia.

00:00:44- Intro, “The Year of the Christian Film”
00:09:23- Exodus: Gods and Kings
01:04:40- Lawrence of Arabia
01:17:45- Episode wrap-up

Episode 120: Saving Christmas

12 Dec


In this episode, Tyler and Josh are joined by Nathan Potter to discuss Darren Doane’s Saving Christmas and Bill Melendez’ A Charlie Brown Christmas.

00:00:50- Intro, Miami Meet-up, Nathan Potter
00:04:10- Saving Christmas
01:39:35- A Charlie Brown Christmas
01:55:50- Episode wrap-up

The Aim of a Film, by Reed Lackey

3 Oct


I’ve seen films that inspired me, challenged me, provoked me, entertained me, amused me, and bored me. All of these effects, except perhaps the last one, can specifically be intended by the filmmaker and I believe that a fully formed criticism should at least attempt to consider such intentions when evaluating whether or not the film works.


Episode 112: Believe Me

25 Sep


In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Will Bakke’s Believe Me and Richard Brooks’ Elmer Gantry.

00:00:44- Intro, Alpha Omega Con
00:03:00- Believe Me
00:50:00- Believe Me on iTunes
00:50:00- Pre-order Believe Me
00:50:40- Elmer Gantry
01:08:30- Episode wrap-up

Sermon Recommendation- “Freedom According to Jesus”

27 Aug

ShawshankRedempt_201Pyxurz In this sermon, Rankin Wilbourne discusses true freedom.


Episode 108: The Big Kahuna

8 Aug


In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss John Swanbeck’s The Big Kahuna.


Alpha Omega Con

7 Aug


More Than One Lesson is going to Alpha Omega Con!  We’ll have our own exhibitor booth from which we’ll be able to reach out to potential listeners and other like-minded people of faith.  We are excited to have this opportunity, but there are some minor costs involved.  We want to represent the site as well as we can, which will involve:

  • Sample CDs
  • Postcards
  • An MTOL Banner
  • MTOL T-Shirts

We feel that having these things will enable us to put our best foot forward, but we need your help to make it a reality.  Please help us out by donating to More Than One Lesson.  Thanks for your continued support.

Tyler on Feeding My Faith

5 Aug

feeding my faith

Tyler was recently a guest host on the Feeding My Faith podcast, talking about Matthew 25.