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The MTOL Top 50: The Princess Bride

5 Jul

In this minisode, Tyler and Reed discuss Rob Reiner’s The Princess Bride.

The Fear of God: Rope

3 Jul

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope. 

The Fear of God: Vertigo

26 Jun

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

The Fear of God: Paranormal Activity

19 Jun

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Oren Peli’s Paranormal Activity.

A Year with Hitchcock: Waltzes from Vienna, by Reed Lackey

18 Jun

Hitchcock called this the low point of his career. He later called Champagne his least favorite of his films, but maintained that this movie represented an odd sort of crossroads and not an entirely pleasant one. Rich and Strange had been a good film but a commercial failure. Number Seventeen had represented a sloppiness in both style and substance, as if crafted by a hopelessly amateur filmmaker. Then, came Waltzes from Vienna, a film so utterly removed both by narrative and genre from the remainder of Hitchcock’s work as to seem ridiculously anomalous.


A Year with Hitchcock: Number Seventeen, by Reed Lackey

15 Jun

Hitchcock tackles another play, but this time, it’s a full-blown noir mystery thriller. Behind the scenes, the financial failure of Rich and Strange (aka East of Shanghai) had caused the production company to remove him from the project he really wanted to do and forced him to take on this one. As a result, his heart wasn’t in its creation and he later heavily derided it as one of his least favorable films (he called it a “disaster”).


A Year with Hitchcock: Rich and Strange, by Reed Lackey

12 Jun

Hitchcock lightens things up this time with an entry that drifts away from the smaller, domestic dramas and from his adaptations of plays to present a far more comical story about the allure of wealth and opulence. The result is a rather pleasant farcical adventure that Hitchcock himself liked quite a bit, and which you are likely to enjoy as well.


The Fear of God: Insidious

12 Jun

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss James Wan’s Insidious.

The Fear of God: The Purge

5 Jun

In this episode, Nathan and Reed discuss James DeMonaco’s The Purge.

The Fear of God: Creep

29 May

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Patrick Brice’s Creep.