Episode 202: Comedy

31 Aug

In this episode, Tyler and Josh are joined by Kahle McCann to discuss comedy and coarse joking.

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  1. Dan Roy September 1, 2017 at 7:49 pm #

    Kahle mentioned being inspired by the Portal games. The lead writer on the series is a guy named Erik Wolpaw, who got the job at Valve because he co-ran a famous and beloved gaming website called Old Man Murray.

    OMM was a sort of proto-blog from the late 90s/early 00s that mocked the pretensions of the world of computer gaming. It’s very vulgar and caustic, but in my opinion (and I know how crazy this sounds), on the level of South Park and even Monty Python in terms of inventing a prose style and comic logic that transcends the individual bits.

    It’s hard to convey that style so here are some of my favorites (these all have vulgarity):


    12 Days of Christmas, Complaints About Return To Wolfenstein

    America Under Attack

    America Wins The War

    and for Tyler, his article on the Death Of Adventure Games, featuring Gabriel Knight 3.

    I have to say too, that as somebody who stumbled onto OMM in 2002 (via another genius writer named Seanbaby, who has a similar style), there are few things more vindicating than thinking “this is one of the funniest writers I have ever read,” then watching him go on to major league mainstream success. (I also enjoyed watching Charlie Brooker go from TVGoHome to writing/creating Black Mirror.) Portal wasn’t even supposed to be a particularly funny game – it was build around an original gaming mechanic involving using portals to solve puzzles – but Wolpaw’s writing upstaged the gameplay completely.

    I split with a lot of Kahle’s views on comedy, but I agree with him 100% on Portal. Wolpaw is a singular talent and may be the greatest Gen X humor writer alive.

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