MTOL Guest: Shawn Richardson

30 Jul

SHAWN RICHARDSON was born just south of Richmond, Virginia in Chesterfield. He has received a BFA in Acting and a BA in Scenic Design from Elon University in 2006 which will (hopefully) lend credibility to what he feels is Tyler’s very important podcast. He was raised in a Christian home and has never questioned the existence of God or Christ’s roll in greater community with Him but Shawn can attest that belief without study or prayer in a guy going off to college will lead to what we will call a “Heretical doofus”. After college Shawn moved to Los Angeles the pursue his delusions of grandeur. For roughly two years his hypocrisy matured but, with the application of hindsight, Christ was seeking him like the loving and sacrificial God He is. It was in LA, at the first church he had attended since graduating high school, that Christ in His grace allowed Shawn back into his presence. Something Shawn doesn’t even know how to be thankful enough for.

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