Minisode 30: Casablanca

31 Dec

Image: FILE PHOTO: 70 Years Since The Casablanca World Premiere Casablanca

Tyler and Josh bring their Top Ten minisode series to a close with a discussion of Michael Curtiz’ Casablanca, Josh’s favorite film of all time.

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  1. Bob K January 7, 2014 at 11:56 am #

    Hey guys. That was a great look at a movie which, as you say, is a lot more complex than people might realize.

    One thing you didn’t have time to get into, but I think is very important, is that Rick can represent the USA, as of the time the film is set. Like him, it fought for freedom but then became disenchanted and resolved never to stick its neck out again. And then, of course, got back into the struggle, bit by bit and without enthusiasm. Every step of the analogy is debatable, of course, but I think that cumulatively it is quite powerful.

    As far as political objections to the film, I think a big one starting in the 60s or so was that it is all taking place in a country (Morocco) that was conquered earlier by the French, and that there’s an unacknowledged irony to the Europeans taking refuge there from the conquering Germans. I don’t think this should stop anyone from enjoying the film, but I do think it’s a good thing to keep in mind, and that the film could have been even richer if there’d been just a nod to this (and perhaps a Moroccan character in the mix).

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