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Dynamic Do-Over, by Bob Connally

7 Aug

Five years ago, almost to the day, I wrote my first ever review for More Than One Lesson. It was for Suicide Squad and I concluded it with, “In this age of constantly remaking the wrong movies I can’t help but feel that Suicide Squad is exactly the sort of movie that someday should be remade. There’s potential with this premise and these characters. David Ayer couldn’t deliver. Maybe in about twenty years, someone else can. Maybe we’ll get to see the Suicide Squad this movie should have been.” Well, it’s not really a remake and it’s 15 years earlier than I had predicted but Warner Bros. and DC clearly learned from their mistakes on the 2016 film. That movie was taken out of Ayer’s hands and edited by a trailer company to try to fool audiences into thinking they were seeing a James Gunn film. This time, WB and DC actually hired Gunn and it would appear that they largely stayed out of his way creatively (or as much as ever happens with movies like this). While the end result is certainly not a masterpiece, it is a significant improvement over its predecessor.


Episode 131: Avengers: Age of Ultron

4 Jun


In this episode, Tyler and Reed Lackey discuss Joss Whedon’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and Robert Aldrich’s The Dirty Dozen.

00:00:45- Intro, BP Alien commentaries, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, talking during movies
00:20:35- Avengers: Age of Ultron
01:16:40- The Dirty Dozen
1:52:25- Superhero movies, episode wrap-up

Episode 118: Guardians of the Galaxy

6 Nov


In this special live episode, Tyler and Josh discuss James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Orson Welles’ Touch of Evil.

00:00:44- Intro, Biola University
00:01:20- Guardians of the Galaxy
00:26:40- Touch of Evil
00:39:40- Episode wrap-up

Episode 62: The Avengers

19 Jun

In this episode, Tyler and Josh are joined by Shawn Richardson to discuss Joss Whedon’s The Avengers and John Sturges’ The Magnificent Seven.

00:00:44- Intro
00:09:10- The Avengers
01:24:15- The Magnificent Seven
02:24:00- Episode wrap-up

Episode 50: The Dark Knight

28 Nov

In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

00:00:44- Intro, The Podcast Awards, Dan Parris, Give a Damn?
00:04:08- The Dark Knight

01:14:00- Break
01:15:00- Lord of the Flies

01:49:00- Episode wrap-up

Episode 26- Iron Man

28 Apr

In this episode, Tyler discusses what we can learn from Jon Favreau’s Iron Man.


00:00:44- Intro/Iron Man
00:16:00- The Shadow
00:35:30- Will Gray/Broke*
00:39:15- “Film Queue,” by Will Gray

Episode 11: Hellboy

1 Oct

In this episode, Tyler discusses Guillermo Del Toro’s Hellboy movies and what we can as Christians can learn from them.