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Declawed, by Reed Lackey

14 Feb


The new film from writer-director Sean Ellis seeks to build upon both a renewed recent interest in folk and historical horror and the classical mythology of the werewolf while delivering a frightening, atmospheric morality nightmare. While its returns on the former efforts are a mixed bag, it firmly delivers on the latter. The Cursed begins in the trenches of the first world war where, after surviving several gunshot wounds, a soldier endures an operation to remove the bullets. However, after a strangely shaped bullet of silver is removed, the story goes back 35 years to its primary narrative of greed, vengeance, and – of course – a curse.


Coming Soon: Valley of the Shadow

11 Oct

Tyler’s documentary, Valley of the Shadow: The Spiritual Value of Horror will be released on the Rediscover Television streaming platform in late October!

The Fear of God: Session 9

20 Apr

In this episode, Reed and Nathan are joined by Matt Ruff to discuss Session 9.

The Fear of God: Child’s Play (1988)

30 Mar

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss the first appearance of Chuckie, Child’s Play (1988).

Breaking the Sound and Sight Barrier, by Reed Lackey

18 Dec

It is a rare gift to stumble across a film about which you had heard and seen almost nothing and discovering a work of precision, artfulness, and profound emotional resonance. Silence & Darkness, the debut feature from writer and director Barak Barkan, is an intimate and deeply compelling work, inviting viewers into a hypnotic world between two sisters – one blind, the other deaf – and the terror and hope that is present in the life they share together.


The Fear of God: Halloween (2018)

15 Dec

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss David Gordon Green’s Halloween!

The Fear of God: Alien: Covenant

8 Dec

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant.

The Fear of God: The Shallows

1 Dec

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Jaume Collet-Serra’s The Shallows.

The Fear of God: Crimson Peak

25 Nov

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak.

The Fear of God: Nightcrawler

17 Nov

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler.