The Fear of God: Star Wars

7 Jan

In this bonus episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Star Wars.

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  1. FictionIsntReal January 8, 2020 at 5:09 pm #

    I haven’t seen Rise of Skywalker, and started listening because I saw the image above and assumed you were only talking about the original Star Wars AKA A New Hope. I had to take off my headphones when you started focusing on that

    After Disney paid all that money for the IP, it was NEVER going to be an auteurist venture like Lucas’ original. Particularly after the negative reaction to Lucas’ prequels. I never gave Abrams any credit either, as he was obviously just doing a cargo cult imitation of A New Hope without much thought as to why any of the original worked. And it did “work”, as in it made Disney a whole lot of money. After that Last Jedi by comparison was a half-step forward, managing to maintain some of my interest even while also adding some unforced errors. It was only afterward while thinking about it that it became apparent that everything that happened in it was pointless and stupid. The best that could really be hoped for from Disney Star Wars was Rogue One, since it was able to stand alone with entirely new characters without connections to existing ones and no expectations that they appear in any more movies.

    Tyler Cowen wrote up an economic analysis of avant garde vs commercial art. Basically, if there’s a high cost to produce a work of art but a very small marginal cost to each person experiencing it, which is definitely the case now with mass media, the more commercial it will be His paradigmatic examples are paintings vs movies. And Disney Star Wars are the movies of movies, more expensive and more commercial than basically any other movie. If you want work motivated by a creator’s sense of good art, you need to find works that an artist can create without such huge financial support and thus inevitable constraints.

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