Minisode 21: Annie Hall

11 Aug


In this minisode, Tyler and Josh discuss Josh’s fifth favorite film of all time, Woody Allen’s Annie Hall.

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  1. Abby August 17, 2013 at 7:29 pm #

    It’s probably already been mentioned but because i’m a joyless pedant and can’t let these things go, I believe the rather wonderful Love and Death has Woody Allen talking directly to the camera at the end =)Radio Days also sort of has him talking to the audience as himself through the conversational style of narration although he isn’t present. I’m sure he must do more with narration but none are coming to me…

    Anyhow- Really loved the episode despite the craving for pizza it gave at 3:00am. I haven’t seen Annie Hall for a couple of years as every time I feel like watching a Woody Allen film I just end up watching Radio Days instead as it’s far and away my personal favourite, but i’ll certainly give AH another go around now. For me at least, most of his best work are the films that seem to have the central theme of nastalgia i.e. Annie, Radio Days, Stardust, Purple Rose, Midnight in Paris, Manhattan, Sleeper etc. I always found they generally strike the better balance between the comedy, story and the more philosophical themes of the film which sort of embrace and critique sentimentality at the same time. With a lot of his slightly ‘lesser’ work most of the time at least one of those 3 seems to be sacrificed once that thread is lost in order for the others to be more predominant and so lose a lot of the charm for me ^.^ For example September which is a straight drama with some good ‘ol nihilism at the end and little comedy and so feels like a very cold film for him.

    All the best to you both and the most sincere of thank yous for your wonderful podcasts which got me through many a long day of college pretending to work. Seeing I’ve been listening since the fourth ep it’s about time I actually wrote in. Any chance of a Bresson film being covered one day? Something like Pickpocket is rather ripe for Christian discussion.

  2. Robert August 28, 2013 at 4:47 pm #

    Enjoyed hearing y’all talk about this movie. And thanks for the shout out! I’d like to say, by way of confession, I’ve seen every single one of Woody Allen’s movies. It’s a pathology that should not be praised and is honestly a cry for help. That said, I’ve prolonged the sickness in other ways: I’ve written a slightly top-heavy review of Blue Jasmine that you can find over at my wobbly-kneed review site, HornakWatchlist. Self-promotion!

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