Episode 200: Obligation

3 Aug

In this episode, Tyler and Reed discuss obligatory viewing.

One Response to “Episode 200: Obligation”

  1. W. David Lichty August 4, 2017 at 5:51 am #

    You know, I react to people’s not having seen classics in a way that seems to register as the one you described, Tyler, but I managed to ferret out where I was really coming from. For me, whatever my face is doing comes from knowing that this person has a *really* great experience ahead of them. I’m not astonished at them, but happy for them, but now I try to get some words to that effect out more quickly than I used to. Because that read, the judgmental, “YOU haven’t seen THAT yet?” is definitely the assumed one, with cinephiles and the general, movie enjoying public both.

    Your prescribed antidote to the phenomenon you guys covered is perfect. I would add, “or call your favorite person to talk movies with,” based on your story. Your joy is being stolen – return to it. Good stuff.

    Happy 200th.

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