Episode 108: The Big Kahuna

8 Aug


In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss John Swanbeck’s The Big Kahuna.

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  1. Brad Renuart August 17, 2014 at 7:55 am #

    I enjoyed the podcast discussion on this, and recently watched the film for the first time because of it.

    The obvious challenge in determining if Bob’s conduct is appropriate or over the line is that we don’t see his delivery. The only thing we know about Mr Fuller’s reaction is that Bob was invited to another party, so he couldn’t have been too abrasive. It sounded like his segue from the dogs dying was reasonable – that he did listen for a while before bringing up God.

    If I’m the CEO of the lubricant company, sponsoring the three of them on the trip, I’m probably OK with how things went at first. I think the relationship with Fuller starts genuinely, and since Bob is a christian he may associate the company with positive values. It is only the second conversation where Bob probably went too far – but even that is hard to know without hearing it. Unless the deal was supposed to close in the short time of the trip, wouldn’t it be considered a success? Maybe I’m not thinking about it the right way, or maybe I was too much hoping for the Disney ending that they still close the deal in the end.

    What are your thoughts on this?

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