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The Fear of God: Dawn of the Dead (2004)

25 Sep

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake.

Thrill Kill Cult, by Bob Connally

24 Sep

In the age of memes and video supercuts, Nicolas Cage having meltdowns and pulling freakish facial expressions has taken up roughly 40 percent of the Internet’s content. It’s a fact. You don’t have to look it up. What can get lost in that though is that when it’s in service of the right filmmaker, Nicolas Cage’s unparalleled ability to become unhinged onscreen can be so much more than an out of context joke. In the service of director Panos Cosmatos (2010’s Beyond the Black Rainbow) and his new film Mandy, Cage delivers a mesmerizing and thrilling performance as a man with a personal mission to destroy a local cult.


Episode 215: The Good Place

20 Sep

In this episode, Tyler and Josh welcome back Tyler Straessle to discuss the NBC sitcom The Good Place.

The Fear of God: The Purge: Anarchy

18 Sep

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss The Purge: Anarchy.


01:50 – Introductions
04:47 – Announcements and Updates
09:10 – Whatcha Watchin/Readin/Listenin to
21:17 – The Purge: Anarchy
1:20:35 – David S. Pumpkins
1:25:34 – Farewells

Expendable, by Bob Connally

15 Sep

In the mid-‘80s, Shane Black was the Hollywood screenwriting wunderkind whose script for Lethal Weapon turned him into a hot property at the age of just 24. Around that same time Lethal Weapon’s producer Joel Silver cast Black in a small role in another film, Predator. Mainly Black was brought in to have a screenwriter on set to help punch up the film’s script mid-production. Physically he didn’t exactly fit in as a member of the military unit which featured the likes of Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Landham, and of course Arnold Schwarzenegger. Unsurprisingly his character, Hawkins, primarily serves as comic relief before he’s the first member of the team to be killed by the titular monster.


Minisode 116: The Worthlessness of Boba Fett

13 Sep

In this minisode, Tyler discusses the value of the Boba Fett action figure.

The Fear of God: Creep 2

11 Sep

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Patrick Brice’s Creep 2.


1:41 – Introductions
6:24 – Whatcha Watchin/Readin/Listenin to
13:34 – Upcoming series #ilovethe80s
16:17 – Creep 2
1:19:15 – David S. Pumpkins


The Fear of God: Freddy vs. Jason

4 Sep

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Ronny Yu’s Freddy vs. Jason.

The Fear of God: Retrospective

28 Aug

In this episode, Reed and Nathan reflect on 100 weeks of podcasting!

The Fear of God: Psycho

21 Aug

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. 

00:00:00 – Intro
00:05:48 – Show begins
00:13:26 – Watcha Watchin’/Readin’/Listenin’ To?
00:34:34 – Monster Mash results
00:41:45 – Psycho
01:56:50 – David S. Pumpkins
01:58:55 – Farewell