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The Fear of God: Monsters, Inc.

13 Jul

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss Pete Docter’s Monsters, Inc.

Two Geek Soup: Endgame part 2

5 Jul

The epic discussion continues!

Listen to “Ep. 35 Endgaaaame!!! Pt. 2” on Spreaker.

We Delivered The Bomb, by Bob Connally

3 Jul

A deeply depressing thought occurred to me as I had my annual summer re-watch of Jaws. It came to me specifically when watching what is probably the film’s single best scene. Chances are that you probably already guessed that I’m referring to Quint (Robert Shaw) describing the terror of being in the water in 1945 as the U.S.S. Indianapolis sank and sharks picked off members of the crew one by one. Jaws is, believe it or not, now 44 years old. The movie remains one of the more perfectly paced and entertaining in the history of cinema. Quint’s tale of sheer horror is absorbing and still has the capacity to put viewers on the edge of their seats after multiple decades and viewings. So what depressed me so much? I imagined what would happen to this scene if this movie were to be made now. I don’t mean if someone were to remake Jaws (which shouldn’t happen ever) but if the original film hadn’t been made in 1975 and a brand new movie called Jaws with essentially the same story, characters, and time period were to be released freshly to audiences in 2019.


The Fear of God: Shaun of the Dead

3 Jul

Reed and Nathan discuss Edgar Wright’s iconic Shaun of the Dead.

The Fear of God: Ernest Scared Stupid

25 Jun

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss the classic comedy Ernest Scared Stupid.

Two Geek Soup: Endgame part 1

23 Jun

An epic roundtable discussion about Avengers: Endgame!

Listen to “Ep. 34 Endgaaaame!!! Pt. 1” on Spreaker.

Salty Cinema: Gabe Renfro

21 Jun

Jacob is joined by Gabe Renfro to discuss life-changing movies.

The Saga Continues, by Barnabas Protnicki

19 Jun

Having ended on such a perfect note, I was wary of the Toy Story saga continuing with a fourth installment. After all, I grew up watching these toys, and was in college myself when Andy said goodbye to Woody and his friends as he left home. I still quote the original Toy Story all the time, mostly around my family. But rather than quoting something popular like “To Infinity and Beyond”, I instead think about Mr. Potato Head losing to Hamm in battleship, handing Hamm his nose and bartering, “How about three out of five?” Or Sid’s little sister looking desperately for her precious doll, until she steps on an intriguing Buzz Lightyear toy, playfully saying, “Nevermind.”


The Fear of God: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

19 Jun

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss the horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.

The Fear of God: Ghostbusters

15 Jun

In this episode, Reed and Nathan discuss the Ivan Reitman film Ghostbusters.